HISHIYA calen Blosso






Tanimachi in Osaka is a town known for its uniquely local town feeling with rather up and down ground level. HISHIYA is a Japanese accessory shop since Taisho era and specialized in Japanese sandals. They have just stared to produce handbags applying the same techniques used for the sandals. Nowadays a Japanese KIMONO is not unfortunately a main stage wear so much that they are trying to maintain the beauty of the traditions and techniques.

We renovated the house in which this shop owner used to live. While keeping the beauty of the original house, we infused a new air by painting the back of the house in solid red and finishing with plywood in grid. The products will be displayed only on the wall. In fact, a red box is also set into the wall so that they can arrange the display sliding the red box. The panels at façade are using fabrics used to squeeze the sake and displaying the Japanese sandals at center as a symbol of the shop. The modern and tradition co-habit well in balance.