House with GREEN WALL



旗竿敷地により四方を建物に囲まれる環境であるが「植物と溶け合うような建築」をつくりたいと考え建築と一体化した庭を垂直に立ち上げたGREEN WALLを設けた。このGREEN WALLは表と裏は存在せず隣地側にも同じ緑の表情を見せている。溶融亜鉛メッキ仕上げの有孔折板を使用し風や光を通し自動潅水システムを設置することで植物がいきいきと育つ。室内は大きなワンルームのように吹き抜けを中心に繋がりトップライトやテラスからの光を届け、1階から吹き抜け越しにGREEN WALLまで眺めることができる。



This house is surrounded by other buildings therefore the aim is to blend the house into the green environment so as not to feel confided, from which the concept of GREEN WALL was born. This GREEN WALL does not have a front or back face, but shows same greenish appearance to the neighboring environment as part of the building. This wall is in fact equipped with a water system which allows the plants to grow and receives plenty of wind and natural light with zinc plated finish.

Inside the house it is almost like a one room house with a void area at center with natural light coming from the outside terrace and from the top. The GREEN WALL can also be appreciated from the ground floor.

The GREEN WALL allows the resident to feel like being part of the nature and to feel peaceful.