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Yugawara Kanagawa









Haku-Un Weekend House

In Yugawara, the calm blue sea and sky always wait for you spreading their arms. This is a weekend house on the seashore terrace facing the peaceful perspective, Sagami Bay.

When visited the site for the first time, the vast landscape such as Manazuru Peninsula on the left hand, Izu Peninsula on the right hand, and Hatsushima Island and Oshima Island off the coast, clearly came into view. Then, all of a sudden, an idea of “floating clouds house” came into mind. As a place looking forward to the owner family coming from Tokyo on weekends, the fluffy clouds floating in the sky could be an ideal nest for them to rest their wings.

This house consists the main building with a large opening facing south, and the Japanese-style annex with an adjacent two-sided opening.

Doesn’t it look as if white clouds have landed on the seashore terrace?

Photo:©Shinichi Sato